CredoLab is a Digital-Age Risk Management Firm

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We partner with banks, consumer finance companies, telecoms, and retailers to improve the financial access of underbanked consumers and improve their standard of living.

What we Do

CredoLab provides subscription-based tools and value-added services that enable consumer lenders to reduce the cost of risk, enable inclusion of previously unbanked populations, increase operational efficiency, and enhance profitability. Our subscription products harness the power of predictive analytics across big data as well as traditional datasets, to deliver superior risk assessment capability.

Our range of subscription products addresses the needs of consumer lenders of varying levels of advancement. All of our products are delivered through a flexible real-time API, enabling our clients to simplify integration into their existing credit processes, as well as dramatically reduce their Time to Yes and increase control over the predictability of their credit outcomes.

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We also provide our partners with Value-Added Services in the areas related to our know-how, which include Best Practice Retail Risk Management Consulting, Risk Based Pricing, Custom Scorecard Development, and Data Mining.


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Data-mining the consumer digital footprint presents a massive opportunity for consumer credit risk management, especially in fast growing developing markets.

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We also provide our partners with Value-Added Services in the areas related to our know-how, which include Best Practice Retail Risk Management Consulting, Risk Based Pricing, Custom Scorecard Development, and Data Mining.

Who we Are

CredoLab was founded by a group of senior executives with deep and successful track records of building Consumer Banking and Digital Economy businesses in fast growing markets where data availability was low and which therefore required innovative solutions to meet business needs.


Peter Barcak


  • Served as CRO of Platinum Bank (Ukraine).
  • Previously Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Citibank, BNP Dresdner.
  • Active role in the launch of credit bureaus in Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • MBA from SDA Bocconi, Italy.
  • University of Economics Bratislava, Slovakia.

Kris Emerton


  • Experienced Sales & Marketing professional within the financial services domain
  • 8 years of Asia regional experience
  • Previously Fitch Group & Bank of America
  • Responsible for the successful launch of several new financial service products in APAC
  • BSc from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Vitalii Kora


  • Served as lead software engineer at GlobalLogic Ukraine
  • Previously Art-Master, Galen, Interlink
  • 10 years in enterprise software solution development
  • Active role in the building of international high-loaded cloud-based service for industrial facilities management
  • Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine

Dmytro Kurov

Data Science Director

  • Served as head of retail risk in Platinum Bank Ukraine
  • 6 years in retail risk managment and data mining
  • National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'


CredoLab Releases Key CredoApp Update

In version 2.2 we recorded a 300% improvement in data collection time, significantly streamlining a bank’s time-to-yes which, as of now, could stand at an unprecedented 150 seconds with the implementation of our CredoApp.

CredoLab Achieves Remarkable Results in Indonesia Pilot

The 3 month trial was the first real life application of our visionary technology, and produced very promising results. The clients’ data collected through CredoApp, our state-of-the-art mobile app, showed an exceptionally high correlation with repayment behaviour, culminating in a truly remarkable Gini coefficient of 0.71.

CredoApp is Now Live on Google Play Store in 7 Countries

The state-of-the-art app, which is instrumental in our push for a more efficient, cost-friendly, and rapid credit scoring process, can now be downloaded onto Android smartphones in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

CredoLab Launches Consulting & Advisory Service

CredoLab has just launched our customised advisory services for banks in the areas of retail consumer risk management and operational improvement.

CredoLab Launches CredoApp

To enable the launch of a commercial Digital Scorecard product, CredoLab has completed development of our proprietary Mobile App “CredoApp”.

Kris Emerton-Jones Joins Credolab as Head of Client Solutions from Fitch Group

CredoLab are delighted to announce that Kris Emerton-Jones has joined our team from Fitch Group to act as Head of Client Solutions. Kris will be based in our Singapore HQ and will assume full responsibility for our Sales & Marketing function. He brings a wealth of Sales & Marketing experience as well as 8 years of specific Asia Pacific experience.

CredoLab releases Telco Scorecard System

CredoLab have developed and launched our initial telco scorecard products through statistically back-testing Bank Telco Scores (using Telco dataset to mine for predictors). The resulting products are hosted on CredoLab’s servers and sold to lenders on subscription basis. Lenders’ credit systems link into CredoLab’s API in real-time to minimize TTY and error rate.


CredoLab is currently looking for professionals in the following roles:

Data Scientist
Thailand Country Manager
Malaysia Country Manager


Capital Tower
168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912

+65 6340 7200

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